Captain Midrise” in Apex Magazine #115, December 2018

“My Father’s Ghost,” in Alaska Quarterly Review, Vol. 37 No. 1 & 2, Summer & Fall 2020

“Acting Tips for Remaining Unknown,” forthcoming in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

“Credible Fear of a Red Sedan,” forthcoming in Oyster River Pages

“Merrimac, Moonlight, 2020,” forthcoming in Santa Monica Review

Short Humor Pieces

I Am Just Trying to Have a Civil Online Conversation about Vampires” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, October 30, 2019

List: Questions for the Jedi Vice-Chair of Graduate Studies” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, May 4, 2017

Stories From My Old Days

“Dog Music” appeared in The Greensboro Review #62, 1997

“In the Garden of Verses” appeared in Literal Latte Volume 3 #4, 1997

“The Man Who Fell” appeared in CRANK! #5, 1995

“Secret Identities” appeared in Strange Plasma #8, 1994

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